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Warranty Policy

1. The purpose:

DIDIOTO warranty policy is only applied and implemented at DIDIOTO service centers. The subjects of warranty are service, spare-parts and accessories provided by DIDIOTO.

2. Warranty period:

- 12-month warranty at unlimited mileage from the date of spare parts are installed and returned the car to customer.

- For tires, the maximum warranty period is 2,000 km or 6 months, whichever comes first, with the condition is tire pressure is always in accordance with the technical requirements, without affecting the external factors (such as patched by stabbing, rolling, hitting a pothole, low tire pressure, etc.)

3. Terms and conditions

Only service and spare-parts provided by DIDIOTO are warranted and replaced under conditions:

- Vehicle operating under normal conditions

- No accident, theft, sabotage, collision, hit the obstructions, sharp objects or sidewalk.

- Replaced spare-parts or accessories still have DIDIOTO's warranty stamp.

- Poor quality spare parts

- Failure service

Note: Warranty still applies when the car is transferred to other owners.

4. Scope of warranty

Only apply within Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

5. Free of charge warranty

All repairs under warranty (spare parts, labor) are free of charge.


1. External factors out of the control of DIDIOTO

- Impacts due to restrictions of law or government regulation.

- Force majeure such as war, riot, etc.

- Repairs or modifications due to using wrong purposes (racing, overload), accidents, negligence, arbitrary modifications, improper upgrades, connections, disconnections, repairs, improper adjustments, arbitrary installation of spare parts / accessories that cause damage to parts replaced by DIDIOTO.

- Corrosion by cosmetic or vehicle damage due to road debris is not covered.

- Damage or environmental damage such as acid rain, chemicals, sap, salt, hail, rainstorms, thunderstorms, floods, and other natural hazards are not covered.

2. No warranty for wrong material, lubricating oil leads to damage the spare parts supplied by DIDIOTO.

Damages caused by misuse of fuel, lubricating oils that are not in accordance with the materials specified in the “User manual” are not covered by warranty.

3. Maintenance expenses are charged to the owner

The works of engine calibration, oil change, car washing, polishing, filter replacement, cooling water, electrolyte, gas for AC, fuel, grease, additives, spark plug, fuse, bulb (except halogen bulb, HID bulb, bulb with reflector), belt drive (except timing belt), wiper blade, brake pad, clutch disc are permanent maintenance requirements for all vehicles . These items are not covered by warranty.

4. Normal sound, vibration, nature devalue

Normal sound, vibration, corrosion or nature devalue such as color, deformation, defect are not covered by warranty.

5. Additional expenses

Additional damage or related consequence such as phone calls, lost time, missed work or commercial damages are not covered by warranty.


According to warranty terms & conditions, customers must be responsible for:

- Use and maintain the vehicle in accordance with the instructions in the "User Manual" of the vehicle.

- Keep the documents related to periodic maintenance schedule advised by the manufacturer, as they are proving that your vehicle has been serviced periodically.

- Keep all documents, jobcards and invoices related to the replacement of spare parts as proof of the service and parts provided by DIDIOTO.


1. Warranty locations

DIDIOTO Service Centers will be the place to make the necessary repairs, using new spare parts for vehicles covered by our warranty policy. In order to achieve optimum care and help your vehicle to have a long-term follow up, DIDIOTO recommends that you should return to our service centers for repairing or replacing your vehicle's parts.

*Location 1: 171 Ton Duc Thang street, Hoa Minh ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City

*Location 2: Lot B, Song Hanh street, An Phu An Khanh urban, An Phu ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

*And any other location belonging to the DIDIOTO Group

2. Travel oversea / move to other countries

If you travel or move to another country and occurrence of parts provided by DIDIOTO is broken, this spare-part will not be covered by warranty.

3. Useful information

In case any problems occur, please prepare the following information:

- Accurate description of defects including operating conditions.

- Vehicle model and year of manufacture.

- VIN No or plate number of the vehicle

- Date for repair or parts replacement at DIDIOTO service center

- Which DIDIOTO Service center provided last service for your vehicle.

4. Call for help

- Please contact us via Hotline: 028 7300 2442

- Our website: https://didioto.com/

- Contact Service Manager of each location:

*D2-HCM: 0933993220

*DA NANG: 0978236259

Or contact our service advisors for a complete explanation of the malfunction.